Sexy Amateur Model Amber Hahn

amber hahn

Amber Hahn is one of those sexy amateur girls that sort of bridges the gap between amateur and pro. She’s more than just an amateur, but she has so far resisted being a true pornstar. She’s sort of in the middle and super happy about it. She started her own personal site packed with hot set and she updates a lot, does live cam shows, gets naked, and plays with her girlfriends too. She’s super sexy, model hot and sologirl friendly, the type of girl you will drool over for hours!

Fresh Girl Kohl @ Party All Star

kohl party all star

The guys at Party All Star are really onto something, they keep showing up with fresh hot new girls for us to enjoy, real club girls that love to get dirty and tease you like crazy – and they let you vote their clothes off too! Kohl is the latest girl, a fresh little blond who looks like a party looking for a place to happen. The gallery is a bit censored, but you can tell this girl has a great ass, nice breasts, and nothing but a landing strip of hair down there. She looks ready to party, are you?

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Denise Shy

denise shy

Pacinos Adventures is one hell of a great site for finding really cute amateur girls. Some of the girls who have gone on to have their own solo sites have started out with a single set on Pacinos, and gone from there. One of their newest girls is a sexy little creature called Denise Shy, she’s a Latina with a killer body, tight and petite but with bigger titties and one hell of a sexy ass. She seems shy in a sense, but when this girl bends over and wiggles her butt at the camera, you know it’s game on!

Rene @ Party All Star

rene party all star

Party All Star is a very cool site packed with real sexy amateur girls, and when I say amateur, I mean so amateur that many of them have never modeled nude before at all. Rene is a good example, she’s super sexy and curvy, a platinum blonde with big boobs and a big ass too, sort of like the girls you see in a rap music video. She’s super hot, and she’s just making her first appearances online. Want to see her get naked? Talk her into it!

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Shannyn Xo

shannyn xo

Here’s another sexy new cutie for you guys to check out. Shannyn XO is a good friend of Lily XO, and as you can tell from the matching same names they are part of the same group of amateur girls. Shannyn is a sexy one for sure, with really nice bigger boobs and she loves to give deep cleavage shots. She does live shows and such on her site too, she’s really quite new to all of this and rather hot!

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Sexy Kimberly Fox


I love checking out multimodel and user submitted sites looking for sexy amateur girls, Kimberly Fox is one of those perfect finds, a 21 year old shop clerk who is actually pretty shy, but decided to show it all off for Naughty Mag. You can tell she’s a bit shy to start out, but in the end, this girl is showing off her favorite sex toy and you know where that is going. Really nice natural body and nice tits, she’s the perfect little piece to wake up to in the morning!

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Hello Hailey Rose

hello hailey rose

The internet is packed with sexy amateur girl models, plenty of little hotties, usually skinny girls with small boobs and such. Well, say hello to Hailey Rose, and her new site Hello Hailey Rose. This girl is NOT petite. Now, that isn’t to say she is fat or a BBW, rather Hailey Rose is thick and sexy, a hot real girl with some seriously well placed meet on her bones, a hot body that you will want to explore. Her big firm tits balance nicely against her sexy ass and full thighs, this girl is hot in all directions and ready to play!

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Newcomer Chase @ NaughtyMag


I love fresh amateur pussy, real girls that certainly aren’t models but real girls that you might meet in real life. You might have already met Chase in real life, she’s had at least one very interesting job!

Chase used to work at Red Robin. She was the girl in the bird outfit, handing out coupons and shit. She knew that wasn’t what she wanted to do, so she took stock of what she had going for her–killer body with a big, bangin’ butt? Check. A cute smile? Check. Completely innocent and total Americana look? Double check. That’s what landed her in our lap. She’s what NaughtyMag is all about. These are her very first nude photos. Be sure to check out the video, too. She’s got a five-finger surprise for you.

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Ashley Vallone


Here’s another case of a girl I don’t know a whole lot about, but her personal site just opened recently and I figured you guys would want to check out this cute blond. her name is Ashley Vallone, and she’s damn hot. Most of her stuff is teasing, but even the tour seems to have some implied nudity that suggests this girl might be planning to show more. Either way, her look is hot and sexy, and she has a bunch of updates for a nice new site

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Lily Xo


Here’s a great case of a hot and naughty girl that I know absolutely fuck all about, but discovery is what makes things fun, right? I do know that Lily XO is a hotty, a girl with a nice pair of tits, a really sexy ass, and some fairly well placed tattoos. She’s a naughty one and her site promises plenty of updates and live cam action too. I can’t tell if she is tease or please, but damn, she knows how to drive you wild! Her webcam looks hot!

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