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Anne from My Mary Anne

my mary anne

This is sort of an interesting deal.  This isn’t Mary Anne, but rather Anne.  Her sister’s name is Mary, and they share a website together, like I guess all good and sexy girls should.

These two girls are dutch, you know, the land of sexy girls and free thinking.  These girls certainly are into being sexy, and they are both very high quality cock teasers!  You will find hours of pleasure in their videos, pics, and dairy entries.  Plus with two girls instead of one, you can see many things from more than one point of view.  These girls are somewhat shy, and have only recently started doing full nudes and stuff, so this is even more hot!

Click here and check out a gallery from Anne… she is a very sexy tall and thin girl!

Want more?  Click here and check out My Mary Anne!

Ariel Rebel

ariel rebel sexy teen with tiny tits

Welcome to the Rebel side of the amateur world. Ariel Rebel is a perky and petite 18 year old girl that will tickle your fancy in so many ways.

First off, she brings a very innocent look to every picture and video you see. This girl is just your typical rebel dress up teen, like many others you might see around you. But ArielRebel is also a very sexy, intimate, and sensual sex kitten that is hard to control. Her sexy shots with her girlfriend will have your tongue drolling and your dick up tohard as a rock in seconds. You won’t believe how wild this girl really is.

Her outdoor shoots are fun as well. Seeing this hot teen getting naked in public, flashing her tits and playing with her pussy is just amazing. You will want to see her over and over again. Click here to check out a sample gallery… she is hot.

Want more? Then click here and check out Ariel Rebel!

Little April

Little April

Little April is an amateur that has had a website for about a year now. She claims to be 18, so really she is probably 19 now. She is a very cute girl, with captivating eyes and a very nice smile. When she started out she still had braces, and sometimes now still has a retainer. She has a very soft and sexy body, sort of a natural look like many teen girls these days, not that tight and tiny look but rather a nice and smooth look. She stands 5 foot 4.

She has many features on her site, including members mail. Her site is updated fairly regularly, and there is a good mix of solo material, shots with other girls, and my personal favorite, outdoor flashing. The scenes with her maturbating on a boat at a lake are totally hot, and she isn’t shy about getting a few fingers into her tight slush box and making it all fun. A truly hot amateur with a hot look.

Click here to check out her website, or click here to find out more and see some galleries from Little April.

Alyssa Doll

alyssa doll girl next door

The first time I even saw a picture of Alyssa Doll, I knew this girl was going to be fun.  Sort of like the picture above, this girl is just a flirt, a tease, and a real girl next door type.  She reminds me of many of the girls I went to school with, sexy in a very normal way, with a generous smile and quick to be a little cocktease when the time is right.

Alyssa could certain tease your cock too.  Her shape is really nice, with the type of tits that look sort of small until she pulls them out, then you realize they are much rounder and firmer… ahh, the wonderful nature of youth!   She raises a bone with me every time, I and I have a feeling you will enjoy her too.   Her personal site is nice, filled with very personal playtime fun.    If you like your girls sweet and fun with tight bodies, then I think you might enjoy her.

Click here to check out her personal site.  You can also click here for a little more info and galleries from Alyssa Doll! 

Terry Lightspeed

Terry Lightspeed

Terry Lightspeed isn’r your typical Lightspeed University girl. In a school filled with petite girls, Terry towers over most of them at 5 foot 7 in her bare feet. She is also a natural raven haired beauty, unlike the many blonds and light brown haired girls.

Her smile is so wonderful and lights up every picture and video. She is truly a sweet girl, with a very sexy twist. She has a very hot lean body, with lovely perky B cup tits, and a sweet pussy that will make your mouth water. Her site has a huge collection of solo pics, videos, and some great action with her and some of the other lightspeed girls. Make no mistake, Terry Lightspeed is a sweetie!

Click here and check out some free pics, or click here to check out Terry Lightspeed.

Indian Teen Asha Kumara

indian teen Asha Kuamra

The amateur world doesn’t start and end in the US or Europe. There are sexy girls all over the world that get off being naked for you. Asha Kumara is great proof of this!

Asha is an 18 year old indian girl, with a fairly traditional indian look, dark skin, and totally captivating dark eyes. When I was posting the pic above, I stopped and just stared into her eyes for a minute, she is quite spellbinding. Asha also has an amazing natural body, with nice title tits, sweet brownish nipples, and a tight ass that just begs out for a squeeze! I can tell you that she is a fairly natural girl under her panties too, so you will find a nice fine cover of soft hair covering her secret pleasure palace. She is still pretty shy, but her innocent sexuality is just intoxicating.

Overall, Asha Kumara is one sexy Indian girl. Click here to checkout a free gallery of sexy Asha. You can also click here and find out more about sexy indian teen Asha Kumara here.

Goth Teen Liz Vicious

got teen liz vicious

I think there is no better way to start this blog off anew than to bring you some hot and naughty pics of sexy goth teen Liz Vicious. This 19 year old petite babe burst onto the scene in 2006, and let em tell you, she is rocking many people’s worlds. She is a true goth girl, she loves to dress up, play, and most of all just be her real and natural self.

Liz Vicious is very petite, with nice tiny tits and a thin build. But then you get a little further south and you will find that this sweet teen has got a nice full pussy that is really tight and built for fucking. And fucking she will do my friends. This is the other part about Liz Vicious that surprised many people. Unlike some of amateurs who just get a little naked or whatever, Liz does whatever she feels like. Some days it’s just being sexy. Other days she might be playing outdoors, public flashing, that sort of thing. She loves to get tied up and play naughty bondage and domation games. She has done some sexy lesbian sets with babes like Raven Riley. In this sex, sexy Liv Vicious is sucking some lucky guys cock.

She isn’t shy, she is totally unique, and fucking hot. She will rock your world, and give you a whole new appreciation for how sexy goth girls can be.

Click here and check out this free Liz Vicious Gallery.

You can find out more about Liz Vicious at Porniki, click here.

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