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Merry Mery Loves To Get Naked

get naked

It’s time for Mery to get naked, and this amateur girl has not problem showing off her nice natural body, big nipples, and super cute smile. This little blond is super sexy and totally shaved too, check out her story:

Welcome, Mery! What’s a sweet-looking girl like you doing getting undressed for complete strangers? “Hey, just because I look sweet doesn’t mean I don’t have a bad-girl side! Sometimes it’s hard to get guys to notice me because they don’t believe that I’m already 18. I’ve had to show my ID a lot just to get guys to keep talking to me!” Can you blame them? You look very innocent! “Sure, I guess, but I’m also really horny! I masturbate a few times a day at least, and it doesn’t even have to be at home. I’ve done it on the bus under my skirt and even in the bathroom between classes!” Does that mean you haven’t really had sex yet? “You mean am I a virgin? Nah, I had sex with a guy friend of mine before, but only a couple of times. The first time, I snuck into his bedroom at night. It wasn’t as good the first time, but the next few times I started to like it more. I guess I got more relaxed, and I learned to start playing with my clit at the same time. That made it way better. He also ate me out the second time and that made a huge difference! Nothing’s ever turned me on as much as that!”.

I would love to lick her out some more and teach her all about sex, what about you?

Check out more of Mery being Merry at Naughty Mag here!

Hello Hailey Rose

hello hailey rose

The internet is packed with sexy amateur girl models, plenty of little hotties, usually skinny girls with small boobs and such. Well, say hello to Hailey Rose, and her new site Hello Hailey Rose. This girl is NOT petite. Now, that isn’t to say she is fat or a BBW, rather Hailey Rose is thick and sexy, a hot real girl with some seriously well placed meet on her bones, a hot body that you will want to explore. Her big firm tits balance nicely against her sexy ass and full thighs, this girl is hot in all directions and ready to play!

Come say hello to Hailey Rose at Hello Hailey Rose – come fall in love!

Busty Haley

busty haley

I was sort of surprised to find out that I had never listed Busty Haley on this site. Haley is an amateur girl and model type who loves to show off and with her sexy body and big natural tits, why not, right? She claims her boobs are 36DDD (which would be 36E if I remember correct), and they are wonderful full and very ripe. She isn’t shy to get them out, and she even goes a little further giving a guy friend of hers a rather sexy grinding stripper style lap dance as he paws he amazing breasts. Fuck yeah, I’m right there on that good idea!

Want more of Haley? Check out her official hot personal site Busty Haley here!

Busty Cindy Cupcakes

cundy cupcakes big tits

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been almost 4 years since I first listed Cindy Cupcakes on this blog. I don’t usually re-review girls, but in this case, I figure it’s time to touch base because so much has changed. Cindy Cupcakes use to have small tits with big nipples, now she has big tits to go with those big nipples, and they are nice. She’s also lost the braces, gained a few pounds, matured, and gone from sweet teen to coed party girl look, and she’s smoking! She’s got the glam make up thing, the trout pout lips, and the whole 9 yards, this girl has gone wild and hot and horny and well, she’s worth another look!

Check out Cindy Cupcakes updated site with her new tits and more – click here!

Anna Joy @ NaughtyMag

anna joy

Naughty Mag and it’s Naughty Neighbors amateur section has been around since long before the internet. It’s a place for real amateur girls to send in their candid pics and perhaps be a star for a day, giving their boyfriends or husbands a thrill – not to mention the rest of us. The best part is that you get a wide variety of girls, different shapes and sizes and type and it’s just fun. Like this new girl, her name is Anna Joy, she’s from the UK, with 36A small tits and a reasonably big and round bum that is just so nice. She looks spankable, that is for sure. It’s amazing with a sexy ass like hers that she hasn’t tried anal yet, but I figure it’s only a matter of time, I would like to line her up for some fun! This 30 something girl is a truly hot amateur babe, a real girl off the street that hopes you like checking out her natural body!

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Georgina Gee

georgina gee tits

Okay, let’s cut to the chase and hit the topic you most want to know the answer to: 40HH-36-41. Yup, Georgina Gee is a seriously big girl with some seriously huge natural tits, a sort of typical slightly chubby British girl with so much breast meat, that you won’t even notice the rest of her. That would be too bad, because this sort of plus size girl has got a very nice set of large curves, and she loves to show off and tease. She’s playing the shy girl here, but she’s not shy about the camera getting close up to check out her massive knockers. This girl has bangers for a party, but seems more happy to keep them for you one at a time, if you know what I mean.

Check out more on Georgina Gee’s official site here – her big boobs are waiting!

Kate Krush

To be fair, I don’t really know a whole lot about this girl, I found her with her own site with a shortish tour with plenty of hot stuff on it, but not a lot of info. I gather she is 24, American, and horny as they come. Her site is part of multi model network of sites, join one get them all, which could be interesting as well. All I know for sure is that Kate Krush has big tits (probably not real, but still) and she loves to play and show off. She’s not shy to diddle herself in front of the camera and show you the creamy results. Very nice!

Check out more of Kate Krush here!

Lily Figuera Asian Amateur

lily figeura

Sexy Lily Figuera is part of a wave of fresh Asian amateur girls, and she’s so sexy and hot. This girl is that sort of import car model babe that you see at those car shows looking so hot and so unreachable, but now she is running her own site, taking very naughty pictures, and going on webcam to drive you guys wild. Lily Figuera has a sexy body with some seriously big tits for an Asian girl, long legs, and yes, she gets nude too, including some nice public upskirt shots. She’s sexy and cute and more than willing to make you happy!

Check out sexy Lily Figuera here!

Kelly Madison

kelly madison huge tits

I hesitated a minute to put Kelly Madison on this blog, because her status as amateur is a little bit in question. But I would have to say that she is one of the longest running sologirl / personality sites, and she certainly is a willing amateur style swinger, so why not? Kelly Madison is busty as they come (34FF, her tits are huge) and horny as they come too. She’s be running her own site for 10 years now, and it’s an interesting mix of solo girl stuff and hardcore. She certainly knows how to have a good time, and she isn’t shy to get it all off and suck cock and fuck too. She’s a refreshing hardcore sologirl in a sea of teasers, and oh yeah, she loves to get her big titties played with!

Check out more of Kelly Madison here!


Cherrygirl69 is a very cute and somewhat sultry amateur girl from the Philippines. She’s got a really hot body, curvy in the sort of Latina side of that island nation, but with a face closer to the Asian side. She’s got some seriously nice full boobs too, big for an Asian girl and totally squeezable. She loves to show off, and her site is full nude and then some. She’s a real exotic hotty worth checking out!

CherryGirl69 has her official sexy fun site open and ready – click here to check her out!

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